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Bruin report online twitter he flip to Georgia Tech? I'm extremely confused here. Not sure if I believe the source. Hardly my crusade. But my point is that's a rather huge mistake to make.

Generally in the recruiting world, it's not very reliable until more than one source reports it, and BRO is the only one reporting this. And you handwave it away. However you slice it it's an enormous knock on their credibility. And that's directly relevant here, where they are the only source reporting something. I'm just saying relax, we'll find out more soon when other sources pick up the story and we can sift through it. BRO isn't perfect, but no site is.

I just had my mama getting real emotional on me. Apparently his family wants us and he prefers you guys looks like. I don't understand recruiting. Wants not to understand? Rather simply really. But then why say us at all? Why would our coaches want a guy who didn't want to bruin report online twitter here? It seems like he should just say he's undecided. If he's actually considering both. The opposite scenario happened with Stephon Tuitt a few years back.

He decided to flip from Notre Dame to GT, but the next day half their coaching staff flew down and held an intervention, and he flipped back to Notre Dame. It was really weird until bruin report online twitter mom went to the media and basically said "suck it, Tech," and then it all made sense.

Lol, this is gonna be fun to watch. He's got to do what's best for him. What I'm hearing is his family is very much in favor of Tech. Heck, his family filmed his commitment and all of the joy that followed. That and Vic supposedly wants to play next to PJ Davis another 5'10" freight train, bruin report online twitter. I guess he hasn't flipped back just yet, he told Edward Lewis that "I'm just waiting. His response: "I'm just waiting.

This message was created by a bot. I'm really confused, but cool. If there's one thing our coaches can produce, it's linebackers. That is exactly what I originally wanted to post, but figured nobody would know what I was talking about lol. This kid either can't say no, bruin report online twitter, or felt pressure from Tech to commit and Mora to re-commit.

I hope he just decides what he really wants to do and goes with it. This is going to be interesting all the way up to Wednesday. I wouldn't be surprised at all if ends up flipping back to GT. I don't envy the kid. This is going to be the toughest decision in his life so far. Feel bad for the kid. He's been committed to us for more than a year, then you can tell he felt a lot of pressure to stay close to home. Hope he makes the right choice for him. Eh, not the end of the world, bruin report online twitter.

We'd love to have him, but we already have two promising linebackers in this class, and if Alexander does flip back it opens up a scholarship for a receiver we've had an eye on for a while but couldn't offer.

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It's really not your thing. This message was created by a bot [Contact creator] [Source code], bruin report online twitter. Baking soda, baking soda! One of their top 15ish recruits of the Paul Johnson era. I think we all need to chill out until NSD. I swear. You mean GT? But this kid is from Florida. Post Rules. Pick Em. Home - UCLA Bruins Football Basketball Recruiting


bruin report online twitter


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