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Jul 12,  · Sample Video and Film Production Business Plan. You must know legal and other requirements of the traveling. Passports, visas, duration to apply for a specific visa for the actors and other crew members. You must know the cost-effective reservations to Author: OGS Capital. Media & Entertainment Business Plan Consulting. Our media and entertainment business plan consultants use their industry expertise to create a customized business plan and strategy to help you reach your specific business goals. Cayenne created the highest quality, rigorous plan and financials that withstood venture capital due. The film business plan is a step-by-step guide on how to structure your film as a business and projects what your film will cost to develop and operate. Every film investor wants to see how you are going to spend the money and most of all, what the return on investment will be.

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This plan for a television and entertainment programming company demonstrates how partnerships with others in the field can help ensure success in this rapidly moving industry.

Coverage includes financing, products, marketing, facilities, management, and media production business plan elements of a well-developed plan. In the rapidly expanding market for home entertainment, quality programming is a valuable commodity. Shalimar Films, Ltd. The company is now applying their resources to building a successful television production enterprise based in Pennsylvania. The General Partners of Shalimar Films have earned a solid reputation in the film and video production industry.

With its highly qualified management team, marketing resources, and progressive business relationships, Shalimar Media production business plan is well-positioned to take full advantage of the industry's phenomenal on-going growth.

In order to assure the success of their products Shalimar Films has prudently enlisted the resources and capabilities of major corporations, secured by contractual commitments, to market and distribute their media production business plan to the worldwide marketplace.

The proven track record of the industry, combined with its current evolution and strong positive forecast for future growth, offers significant potential for highly rewarding investment opportunities. The demonstrated expertise and entrepreneurial temperament of Shalimar Films provides an attractive opportunity for investors to profit from a truly innovative emerging growth company with tremendous potential.

Shalimar Films recently signed several pre-sale distribution and marketing contracts that guarantee distribution of their original programs to Home Entertainment and Television markets worldwide. The programs are based on a variety of popular, interesting, and entertaining topics. Each program is designed to capitalize on prevailing trends that have demonstrated commercial success within the industry.

Negotiations are also in progress with Mega Books for a series of illustrated media production business plan based on our original children's television programming. These book versions will feature an audio cassette with narration, sound EFX, and original music in order to provide children with a more unique, entertaining, and interactive product that will enhance their learning experience and enjoyment.

A diverse assortment of original television and home video programs will be developed and produced by Shalimar films in four 4 individual phases. Each phase will result in the completion and delivery of several commercially viable, revenue producing products for worldwide distribution. The diversity and quantity of programs produced in each phase will dramatically reduce risk typically associated with dependency on the success of just one program or genre.

Shalimar Films plans to create a high yield "catalog of products" consisting of a collection of successful "hit" programs proven to generate high revenues by combining the most commercially successful programs from earlier phases with the development and production of commercially viable new products in each successive phase.

Over a period of time, this "catalog" will primarily consist of the most highly profitable and successful products produced by the company. This approach will offer incredible long term profit potential to equity investors and partners. The entire project, representative of all phases, consists of approximately ninety 90 original programs to be developed and completed over a period of approximately six 6 years.

The company anticipates continued and successful growth well beyond these initial phases. New programs will be funded by "factoring" credit lines, income, and existing capital against distribution contracts for short periods of time.

This will allow the company to develop new programming and ancillary products well into the future by continuously cycling cash flow and lines of credit. Highly successful programs will be produced as an on-going television or video series with advance funding provided by major distributors. Products developed in this manner will serve to provide Shalimar Films with properties programs that substantially increase the company's cash value while providing a significant source of additional revenue.

The company will also continue to develop new programming in order to provide steady and equity growth in their "catalog, media production business plan.

Shalimar Films plans to produce interesting, entertaining, and educational programs on a variety of well-researched topics proven to be commercially viable in the industry. The company only produces those programs guaranteed distribution to a widespread audience through pre-sale contracts with Major Distributors. By spreading the product line across several different worldwide markets, and releasing them through multiple windows of distribution, the Company will effectively minimize risk and increase the potential success for each series of programs they produce.

The management team of Shalimar Films plans to invest a substantial media production business plan of the actual cost for creative services as well as a smaller share of the cost for product development and production through reduced fees for creative services, professional services, and production services. The Company has also arranged for their distributors and suppliers to be solely responsible for specific costs as well. The management team consists of the General Partners, a Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors with over seventy-five 75 years of combined experience in the industry, media production business plan.

This experience consists of:. Shalimar Films has a unique relationship with media production business plan distributors that provides an in-depth view of the market that informs our management decisions and focuses our creativity. By utilizing the distributors' extensive knowledge and resources, Shalimar Films is able to produce programs that meet media production business plan demands and have the pre-approved support of a major distribution network.

The fundamental thrust of Shalimar Film's marketing strategy consists of producing only those programs that have already acquired pre-sale agreements, advance payments, and a commitment from distributors to utilize their resources for manufacturing, promotion, marketing and distribution. The reputation and proven ability of Shalimar Films and their management media production business plan plays a key role in securing these pre-sale distribution agreements from major distributors.

Shalimar Films focuses on marketing their products through the largest and best suited distributors in the industry. These distributors not only have the advantage of substantial capital resources for funding promotion and advertising campaigns, but also have the ability to obtain better positioning and shelf space in catalogs and retail outlets.

Shalimar Films will only produce programs that have received a solid pre-sale commitment through a signed licensing or distribution contract with a major label, studio, or distributor. A licensing contract commits the distributor to the marketing, distribution and sale of a specific series of programs being produced by the Company. A typical licensing contract warranties that the distributor will provide and pay for all packaging, media production business plan, duplication, warehousing, marketing, advertising, sales, shipping, collection, returns and all other costs related to the marketing, distribution, and sale of programs produced by Shalimar Films.

Under this licensing contract, a percentage of all gross sales, referred to as a royalty payment, is earned by the Company. A licensing contract offers several advantages to the smaller independent producer, especially when a program is targeted to a large demographic audience or has widespread audience appeal. A major distributor has media production business plan ability to roll out a program on a national basis and feed the pipeline far more effectively and quickly than an independent producer, media production business plan.

They also have the ability to promote, on a very large scale, consumer and trade awareness for the program.

Additionally, certain classes of trade such as Rack Jobbers, Distribution Outlets, and larger Retailers are better served by a major label, studio or distributor.

When a program is projected to have major potential and widespread appeal, a licensing contract is the preferred method of distribution used by the Company. In some cases, when it makes economic sense, Shalimar Films will sign a distribution agreement rather than a licensing contract.

A distribution agreement tends to yield a much higher profit margin for the Company. The downside is that these agreements do not always provide the same level of marketing and sales support as a licensing contract. However this is not always the case and in some situations this approach is more viable than a licensing contract.

Another case where distribution agreements are economically viable is when a program or genre is targeted to a specific class of trade, media production business plan. Certain accounts such as Catalogs, Direct to Consumer Marketing companies and certain Retailers are logical clients for direct sales by the Company. This approach requires a small but highly experienced inside sales staff and a promotional budget to market the programming effectively.

Shalimar Films will be hiring such a staff to sell certain products on a distribution basis to these accounts. For example, as part of a licensing deal with Sunshine Videos, Inc. This series of programs will generate royalty income for media production business plan company under an existing licensing contract with these distributors.

Sunshine Videos, Inc. Production is already underway and most of the preparation and pre-production work has already been completed by the Company. In another example, as part of a distribution deal with Pentrex Publishing, Shalimar Films produce several "Train Trax" video programs also scheduled for release and worldwide distribution in Pentrex Publishing dominates the "Train Trax" marketplace and is by far the largest distributor of Railroad Videos in the world.

These ancillary programs are being produced in an exceptionally cost efficient manner. By exploiting the same footage shot during production of the first two 2 television episodes of "Kids Pick-Up and Go—Exploring Trains," the cost of completion and delivery of these "Train Trax" programs are dramatically reduced thereby substantially increasing profitability of this product line for the Company.

Since we are manufacturing and delivering the completed "Train Trax" video programs to Pentrex Publishing under a direct marketing distribution agreement, the profit margin per video is significantly higher than with a licensing deal. These contracts will provide additional income and increased consumer media production business plan through cross promotion and advertising. This children's book series will include an audio cassette featuring narration, sound effects, and music from the television program to make the product more unique, fun, interactive, and profitable.

Obviously, sales of "The Kids Pick-Up and Go Series" programs will benefit from the cross promotion of ancillary products that are being advertised and distributed in the marketplace. Additionally, with the funding from this offering, the Company plans to produce a variety of programs for major distributors such as Time-Life Video, media production business plan, Inc. Media Syndication's Inc, media production business plan.

A substantial commitment of resources and a large financial investment media production business plan required by the distributor to manufacture, market, and distribute a new series of programs.

Consequently, major distributors are not inclined to sign these types of distribution contracts without good reason. Distributors must have a firm belief that the Producer is reputable, and that the product is one that will meet with a reasonably large degree of success before signing a pre-sale contract, media production business plan. Shalimar Films, through their reputation, expertise, and creativity, meets the requirements of Major Distributors and have already successfully secured worldwide distribution contracts for several of their original television and home video programs.

Shalimar Films will be producing several finished products that are pre-sold to major distributors. However, in order to protect the confidentiality of the company, the list of programs is not included in this plan. To accomplish our goals, we have developed a comprehensive plan to intensify and accelerate the creative development, production, marketing and distribution of these programs.

With realistic projections based on average industry performance, sales income would be generated within the first nine 9 months from capitalization of the company. The estimated average total return on investment for a typical program would range from a low of four-to-one to a high of twelve-to-one.

Equity investors and partners will also benefit from the value being compounded in the "mutual fund" and the long term income from a highly successful or "hit" program. Return of the original capital investment should take a maximum of eighteen 18 months to twenty-four 24 months from the date of release for each program on an average case. The management and directors of Shalimar Films have extensive practical experience in the production, marketing and media production business plan of television programs.

Over the past 15 years, the Company's management has maintained the practice of utilizing outside facilities for the technical production of their programs. In addition, a majority of production management services and creative services are being provided by the Company's management, directors, and in-house staff.

Production management and creative services include program development, pre-production, production planning, project supervision, sales, marketing, public relations, legal and business affairs. By continuing this practice, Shalimar Films will be able to maintain a lower overhead while producing media production business plan programs of the highest quality and commercial value.

Shalimar Films will use outside services, freelance staff, and outside equipment rentals to reduce the Company's overheads, staffing, and office space requirements. During the creative development stages, very little production staff is required. By bringing in outside production companies and facilities when needed, a more cost efficient method of operation is media production business plan. The Company's objective is to focus on a finished program's overall quality of presentation, information content, style, and format with commercial viability and the targeted audience being the principal determining factors.

Elements of quality and style include, but are not limited to, nature of content and information, production values, media production business plan, and presentation format. Most important of all, the Company is committed to delivering commercially viable programming that meets the requirements of their distributors.

Utilizing in-house staff for management, creative development, and production supervision, the Company is better able to control the finished quality of the programming they produce. Shalimar Films currently manages their operation with a full-time and part-time staff of five 5 people.

The Company currently operates out of a square foot office located in Pittsburgh, PA. An independent sales office is located in Media production business plan Mexico. With the realization of financing, media production business plan, the Company plans to move their operations into a larger office space in the PA area.


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The film business plan is a step-by-step guide on how to structure your film as a business and projects what your film will cost to develop and operate. Every film investor wants to see how you are going to spend the money and most of all, what the return on investment will be. Digital Media Company – Sample Business Plan. BPlan Experts / Digital Media Company – Sample Business Plan. Our Services. PROPOSED ENTERTAINMENT. 3. This could be to wholesalers.1 TARGET MARKET The target market for TBD is very's directors are seeking $15k.0 Market Analysis Summary 3. dollars in revenue by the end of has overseen the success of hundreds of businesses.3 MARKET TRENDS Entertainment is big business in the United States.4/5(5).